How life is adorned with twists and turns

And so,

After flitting for so long between this one and that,

You find THE girl and immediately she decides – to go.


Not disappearing from life, in the way of an end,

But still,

Leaving a yawning absence, a hole, a void,

And one that is entirely impossible to fill.


One longs for so much in this life,

Such as:

The food your diet forbids, the greener grass on the other side,

But never before have I felt such a gaping crevasse


Like an errant limb removed from you, or a missing quadrant

Of sight,

Barely able to shift the focus of my thought

And worst of all, the loneliness of every night.


When the presence of the pain recedes, after the initial,

Violent shock;

The profundity of the loss, the need to be reunited

Takes hold of everything you do – a crushing, agonised block.


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